Tektronix 321A

Preamplifier   Horizontal-Amplifier   Battery Box
6 MHz Bandwidth at 10 mV/Div
Small Size - Light Weight
Low Power Consumption
AC, DC, or Battery Operated
Designed for Servere Environments

Cal. Deflection Factor   0,01V/Div - 20V/Div
Bandwidth   DC to at least 6 MHz
Input RC   1 MΏ paralleled by approx. 35pF
Accuracy   3%
Ca. Sweep Range   0,5S - 0,5S/Div in 19 Steps
Sweep Magnifier X5 extends to   0,1S
Trigger Sensivity   0,2 Div ati 1kHz increasing to 1 Div at 6 MHz
Accuracy   3%, with Magnifier X5 4%
Display Area   6x10 Div (1 Div = inch)
Accelerating Potential   4kV
    Other Characteristics
Amplitude Calibrator   500mV 3%, approx. 2kHz, Squarewave
Power Requirements   10 Size D batteries
Power Consumption   approx. 700mA
DC Supply   11,5 - 35V
AC Supply   115V 10% or 230V 10%, 45 - 800 Hz
Power Consumption AC   approx. 20W
    Dimensions and Weight
Height   8"
Width   5"
Depth   16"
Weight   14 lbs without and 16 lbs with Batteries
Introduced   1964


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