Tektronix 454

The First 150 MHz Portable Scope in 1968

Preamplifier   Output - Amplifier
 2,4 nS Risetime
High-Writing-Speed CRT
Dual-Trace, 5mV/Div Defl. Factor
Full-Bandwidth Triggering
Calibrated Sweep Delay
Fully-Sensivity X-Y Displays
Compact, Rugged Construction
Solid-State Design

Bandwidth and Risetime   20mV - 10V/Div: 0-150MHz, 2,4 nS
    10mV: 0-100MHz, 3,5nS
      5mV: 0 - 60MHz, 5,9nS
Accuracy   3%
Calibrated Time Base   0,05S-5S/Div in 25 steps
Triggering   DC-150MHz
X10 Magnifier   over full time base, fastest rate to 5nS/Div
Calibrated Sweep Delay   1S-50S
X-Y Operation   5mV/Div-10V/Div, DC-2MHz
Accuracy   3%, with X10 Magnifier 4%
Display Area   6x10Div (0,8cm/Div)
Accelerating Voltage   14kV
Phosphor   P31
Calibrator   1V, 5mA, 1kHz 1%
Power Requirements   90-136 and 180-272V
Power Consumption   approx. 125W
    Dimensions and Weight
Height     7 inch
Width   12 inch
Depth   20 inch (incl. panel cover)
Weight   31 lbs
Introduced   1968


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